<aside> ✈️ This is a framework from the Planes team to help you run a hackathon, including prompt questions and some useful inspiration from our own hackathon. Feel free to duplicate this page to your own Notion and use as a template!


Planning Prompts

<aside> 💡 Use these questions to help you build out your hackathon plan.


Who are you targeting?

Research and reach out to groups who already engage a community of the kinds of people you want to invite.

Who is going to judge?

What specialisms do you want represented in your judging panel? Who will be able to make an impact for the participants, both in terms of inspiration and valuable advice?

What are your participants' access needs?

Will they need step-free access?  Do they have dietary requirements?  Do they need space for prayer, quiet time out or a flexible schedule? Do they need visual or written notes or a person they can ask questions as they go? Ask as part of the sign up process but KEEP checking in throughout the event.

What is the theme of the brief? And what criteria will outputs be judged upon?

What brief is appropriate for the level of experience you are targeting and the time given?

Be realistic, and focus on one or two areas of challenge to make it interesting but also achievable.